[Ardour-users] WAV files, xruns

Steffen Sauder steffensauder at gmx.de
Fri Feb 20 06:53:17 PST 2004

Anthony DiSante wrote:

> A couple questions here.  Before I installed the low latency patches, 
> I got
> lots of xruns from the ardour process.  They went away after I applied 
> the
> Morton and Love low-latency patches, but I still get xruns from the jackd
> process.  I've got 4 windows open (ardour, ardour mixer, the xterm owning
> ardour, and the xterm owning jackd), and just clicking from window to 
> window
> causes these xruns from jackd, like this:
> **** alsa_pcm: xrun of at least 43.943 msecs
> Should I be concerned about this?  I don't think I've noticed it 
> affecting
> the recording at all, but then I'm only recording 2 channels, at the 
> moment.

Are you using the binary NVIDIA graphics drivers? I had similar problems 
with those and kernel 2.6.
Everytime the window focus switched, there was a lock debugging message 
with a stracktrace in the
system log and there was a good chance that you'd get an xrun.
I had less problems with xruns using the nv driver provided by XFree.


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