[ardour-users] Re: [ardour-dev] MTC Ardour master Samplitude slave

mArukqs marukas at hardcore.lt
Thu Dec 2 00:51:29 PST 2004

What is your HW config (unfortunately I am VIA chipset owner which probably
is a cause of all my headaches :/ )?

Should I move back to RH9 - currently I am running FC1 and ardour crashes
often as hell. Especially LADSPA plugins eat many resources. I add single
TAP Reverberator, TAP Equalizer and my CPU utilization jumps to 25 percent.
Ardour crashes on xruns very often. I tried various jack configurations.
Do you carefully check your CPU utilization in ardour while recording, that
it does not reaches 100%?

Happy hear answer yo! :)) Sorry for my English


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> believe it big boy ...it's f***n troo !!!!  Really and for real. I'm using
that most wonderful of distro's Planet CCRMA on RH9 2.4. low latency kernel
Ardour beta 19 on an ice1712 chipset running at  128 frames (5.8 ms latency)
with no operational x-runs AT ALL. I got 1 (read ONE) x-run when i shutdown
Ardour It has been working all day now from 6:30 am this morn (I'm about to
go get the  kiddlings) to  now.... trust me It's working alright.
> GREAT .... GO TELL THE WORLD.........
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