[ardour-users] Re: [ardour-dev] MTC Ardour master Samplitude slave

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Wed Dec 1 19:54:04 PST 2004

> Geoff, is there anyway for you to test other stuff with MTC/ardour?  I have
> this sneaking suspicion that Samplitude is getting a start and not an
> actual solid MTC stream, but that it doesn't really need more than a start
> to be on point.  Is this a valid theory?

Actually, no Aaron. Samplitude was chase-locking to the stream from Ardour and 
compensating on occasions for drift, which is what it does to the analogue 
video-machines around here anyway ! It was about 1-5% of a semi-tone which 
was completely in-audible. I have also locked my win98 machine with Record 
Producer Pro (midi) and it worked very reliably too. I will hasten to add 
that the material on that album was mainly in a light "classical" style and 
therefore not really "tight" in terms of time. I''l be doing some of that 
this week coming as I'm now arranging/recording a musical for a client ... 
we'll see !
I'm now also using a Slackware / Audioslack machine in here(thanks Luke !)  
'cause it's got beta 21 of Ardour which has had more work on MTC than beta 19 
which is what I was using.


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