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Studio Zodiak studiozodiak at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 29 08:10:57 PDT 2004

I guess I might be considered a zealous user because I do extensive editing and effects while working at 96.
I use the latest beta version which I compile from source.
I have a P4 2.6 with 2G of ram with 5 independent SCSI disks
All the pieces resulted in being corrupted at one point.
I had to redo everything.
Now I have two songs that seem to be ok, only I have not put any effects on them.
I think what happened is that when some of the ladspa plugins have too much feedback, the program refuses to open the project.
Is there any way to go into the .ardour file to edit out what the problem is?
Anyway, I got further in my projects without using effects.
Also, deleting sections of a track in range mode shuts down ardour in a seg fault. I have had that experience with several other commands.
Should there be certain commands we should not use? Not for a professional software.
There is definitely some error management to be done.
I have put on hold my music production to switch to linux.
10 months have gone by and I have not one piece to show for.
I believe in the product and would gladly pay for it, if only I could bring my projects to term.
Oh, and I registered in mantis, and I can't login so that's why I am posting this here.
I love the feel of ardour and friends. It gives me, as an artist the freedom to create like never before.
I learned a great deal about integration, and I can go into the code sometimes and tweak a few things when stuff doesn't compile.
To resume, as a user, I really push the software with extensive editing and crazy abuse of effects. That's my trip. 
I really hope Ardour can cope with me eventually.
In the meantime, I admire what's already been done with the limited means of the developpers.     
I have to start thinking about serious production now.
Maybe I should not be using the latest beta version?
Where can I get a really stable version?
Sly Cormier

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