[ardour-users] Ardour not using available memory?

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Fri Apr 30 19:15:37 PDT 2004

Jack O'Quin wrote:
> Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <eric at zhevny.com> writes:
>>I've been wondering for a while, because I'm doing this, is there
>>anything wrong with just building jack with
>>--with-default-tmp-dir=/dev/shm and not having a separate tmpfs for it?
> Works fine as long as you're using System V shm.  But, if you also
> specify --enable-posix-shm it gets all tangled up (Mantis bug:00043
> for JACK).

Ok, I haven't been following the lists closely for a few weeks, so I was 
  afraid I might have missed something important, like "don't do that".

I've been having occasional complete lockups ... I can't reproduce them 
and can't get any debug info. Sometimes alt-sysrq let's me reboot, but 
not always. I can't see anything because it happens in X. If it happens 
again I'll get another box connected on a serial console and see if I 
can grab anything that way. (I guess I _should_ do that _before_ it 
happens again ... guess I'm being optimistic.)

I don't have concrete evidence, but my gut says it's mozilla 
thunderbird. In part because it crashed a few minutes ago on my first 
draft of this message, but also because it's been flaky. and last time a 
complete lockup happened some of my mail ended up named 
/var/lib/dpkg/status ...

anyway, Thanks for the answer. I guess I've been sitting here listening 
to the laconf2 streams (and scripted random mixes of them 8) ) too long. 
sorry to go on rambling.

-Eric Rz.

/me isn't even an ardour user, yet.

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