[Ardour-Dev] Push 2 support well underway

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jun 16 22:41:19 PDT 2016

On top of the developments that are leading up to 5.0, a busy 30 hours of
hacking have resulted in the "push2" development branch which features
fully integrated support for the Ableton Push 2 surface.

If anyone has a Push 2, or is familiar with it, I would appreciate feedback
*not* on the state of the code (early days yet), but on any ideas for how
best to use the surface given Ardour's current design. I am *not* asking
for ideas about how to make Ardour more like Live - just how best to
utilize the device.

Things you can already do:

   Transport control (roll,stop)
   Global record-enable
    set edit range from playhead
    banking through tracks/busses and control masters
    solo and mute control
    global solo cancel

I imagine that within another few hours of work, gain control, track
selection, duplicate, and afew other operations will all be operational.

The display shows timecode and musical time, along with track names and
button labels.

The Push 2 is a very very nice piece of engineering, and is amazingly well
documented. It is 100% plug-n-play on Linux (not unexpected) and has a
versatile and good looking 960x160 60 fps display.
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