[Ardour-Dev] Banking on a surface

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Jun 21 11:31:54 PDT 2016

Are there any opinions on how the top bank should be displayed on a 

In the MCP code (Mackie Control) I set it so that the bank start was 
always a mutiple of bank size. This means that after a bank, the left most 
strip is always the next strip after the right most strip in the previous 
bank. Some of the strips in the highest bank will therefore be 

The other way of doing things, is that the highest bank sets the rightmost 
strip to the highest strip number and fills back from there. All the 
strips are always used (so long as there are at least enough strips to do 
so). SO far this how the OSC code works.

Those of you who use a control surface, do you find one way better than 
the other? Does anyone use their control surface with another daw and find 
Ardour does things different and that it is confusing switching back and 

Probably both Surfaces should work the same, so I will change the one 
people don't like.

Len Ovens

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