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this is exactly what UDP should do by design.

By definition the Header has a field Source Port which should be filled
when the other side needs to send an answer. You can look at it as a kind
of Multiplexing you send with a high port fill the source port field and
the other side answers to the port in that field.

I know of some libraries that do not fill it and others that do. The best
thing on that matter I saw was a little daemon that manages the sending an
receiving and did everything with just one port.

Hope this helps a bit with UDP.



2016-08-13 19:46 GMT+02:00 David West <david.r.west at outlook.com>:

> Las, _FrnchFrgg_,
> Further to the discussion in irc.
> When a surface using touchOSC sends a command packet to ardour it sends to
> IP port 3189 as configured. The IP source port of this packet is random and
> chosen by the OS. Ardour then replies to the source port of that packet.
> Meanwhile touchOSC is listening on the port the user configured it to
> listen on.
> Each time touchOSC sends a new command packet the source IP port is likely
> different again and ardour does as documented and changes the reply port.
> Maybe touchOSC was changed to only listen on the configured port, I don't
> know but that is how the current version works as do the other apps I have
> tried.
> In my opinion ardour needs a change to either always send status on one
> specific port or the surface could tell ardour what port to send replies on
> by a similar mechanism that it uses to set the bank size and status
> information to send.
> I have monitored the link with wireshark and can confirm this is what
> currently happens and it definitely breaks the status sent by ardour.
> Perhaps other users are using something to translate that. Perhaps I am
> missing something else.
> Las, I think you mentioned that you tested with touchOSC. I have version
> 1.9.7 on this device. What version is Yours? Also could you send me a copy
> of the touchOSC layout you created.
> Davew1970
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