[Ardour-Dev] OSC ports.

David West david.r.west at outlook.com
Sat Aug 13 10:46:27 PDT 2016

Las, _FrnchFrgg_,

Further to the discussion in irc.

When a surface using touchOSC sends a command packet to ardour it sends to IP port 3189 as configured. The IP source port of this packet is random and chosen by the OS. Ardour then replies to the source port of that packet. Meanwhile touchOSC is listening on the port the user configured it to listen on.
Each time touchOSC sends a new command packet the source IP port is likely different again and ardour does as documented and changes the reply port.
Maybe touchOSC was changed to only listen on the configured port, I don't know but that is how the current version works as do the other apps I have tried.

In my opinion ardour needs a change to either always send status on one specific port or the surface could tell ardour what port to send replies on by a similar mechanism that it uses to set the bank size and status information to send.

I have monitored the link with wireshark and can confirm this is what currently happens and it definitely breaks the status sent by ardour.
Perhaps other users are using something to translate that. Perhaps I am missing something else.

Las, I think you mentioned that you tested with touchOSC. I have version 1.9.7 on this device. What version is Yours? Also could you send me a copy of the touchOSC layout you created.


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