[Ardour-Dev] Ardour-Dev Digest, Vol 134, Issue 1

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Jun 5 06:54:28 PDT 2015

> I'm willing to keep testing OSC/X32 with Ardour and help setting a correct
> config file for X32, even with the obnoxious "Ardour has switched to silent
> mode" message that keeps popping up as I write this message [REAPER is
> friendlier: If you like it the price is low enough for people to pay for
> it,
> and they do. Ardour should do the same.],

If Ardour had been initially developed and released on a platform with 8 or
9 times more users than Linux, this might have been an option. I chose to
develop Ardour primarily for the Linux world, later expanding it to OS X.
The Reaper model will not work there. What happens in the future if/when we
start supporting Windows is anyone's guess. And by the way, the price of a
pre-built version of Ardour for Windows is effectively $1, or $12 if you're
nice about it. This is substantially cheaper than Reaper.

There's not much point testing OSC support with the X32 without the active
support of a developer working directly on OSC code. It isn't going to work
as-is, and is not configurable outside of the code. OSC is a useful
protocol but because it is completely non-standardized, both ends of the
OSC exchange have to understand the same set of messages, and there is no
standard set of messages.

Regarding translation, there is an option in Preferences > User Interaction
to enable or disable translation. We also welcome user-driven updates and
input for the translation.
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