[Ardour-Dev] Ardour-Dev Digest, Vol 134, Issue 1

Patrick.Gilles Maillot patrick.maillot at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 23:08:54 PDT 2015

My reply to John, along with a few notes and actions to be fixed for
Ardour/OSC and Ardour support of different locales.

Hello John,

Thanks for your message. I did not get my X32 to work with Ardour. The
reasons are:

-1- based on initial responses for Windows support, I uninstalled Ardour,
and have been keeping using REAPER which works fine in Windows/Linux/Mac
with X32 using X32Reaper.

-2- I am not interested in MIDI (Mackie emulation, etc... used or available
on X32) as this only offers a limited use of the X32 as a control surface;
plus OSC is a lot more advanced and faster in terms of X32 control.

-3- Reading your message, I re-installed Ardour (might as well give it a
second shot). Ardour is extremely slow to start compared to REAPER. I set
the following in the config file: [need to update the doc to properly
reflect the location/name of the file for Windows]
   	<Option name="osc-port" value="10023/"/>
   	<Option name="use-osc" value="1"/>

Relaunched Ardour (it crashed during save/quit).
[Note: I didn't find a way to change the locale to English; Ardour talks
French and that doesn't help me as some of the terms, while probably
correct, are not easy to connect to their English equivalent]
[Note: in edit->preferences->divers, the first option "Allow dragging of
playhead" is not translated to the locale, same is true for some of the user
interaction, VST, Graphical interface, IHM and Theme subscreen options] The
OSC options are there... in edit/preferences/control surfaces screen Ardour
	OSC activated and "retour" are clicked
	Control surface ID: manually assigned [Note: Where???]

Now what? 
There's no IP assignment for the control surface (needed for OSC which uses
UDP), how does Ardour sets the IP for the control surface? 
There's no initialization function to enable communication to start. In the
case of the X32, Ardour has to "register" with the X32 to get X32
data/feedback on user actions on the X32. And that "registration" has to be
renewed every ~10 seconds.
Is there a file to create/edit to set the proper commands for faders,
effects, routing, transport and others (looks like transport is part of the
config file, not sure)? If so, which file and how does it get loaded/used by

I'm willing to keep testing OSC/X32 with Ardour and help setting a correct
config file for X32, even with the obnoxious "Ardour has switched to silent
mode" message that keeps popping up as I write this message [REAPER is
friendlier: If you like it the price is low enough for people to pay for it,
and they do. Ardour should do the same.], so I will not uninstall Ardour
right away again, and wait for your reply first :-)

Hope this helps,

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