[Ardour-Dev] polishing po !

Fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 2 23:17:17 PDT 2014

Le 03/04/2014 01:45, Dan MacDonald a écrit :
> I'm sorry if I caused upset but it really wasn't intended that way. 
> The fact you made me laugh was a good thing - thanks! Was your subject 
> line not an intentional joke?Paul didn't know what you were talking 
> about so I think I can be excused for misunderstanding your post too.
> I'm happy if I make people smile or laugh, I think its important. I'd 
> like to think we could agree there at least.
> Mailing lists sans humour are not so fun, surely? If the admins 
> disagree, I'm sure I'll know soon enough.
> Best of giggles,
> Dan
You are right, the subject was an intentional joke, and some of it on 
mailing lists is probably not a bad thing. On the other hand, the 
original message was not clear but supposed to be useful, and I can't 
cry for misunderstoods if I cause they. So, like Marcellus Wallace said 
to Butch: "we're cool"!

Sorry for the kind of troll on the list..

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