[Ardour-Dev] Improving the timestretch feature

Mats Jonsson mats.jonsson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 12:13:30 PDT 2014

I have an idea to improve the timestretch feature to easily do a bpm change
of entire tracks, which would be very useful for eg. mixing imported songs

Implementation would be from the time stretch dialog, with additional
variable parameters: percentage change and bpm change. The bpm change of
course requires the current bpm of the region to be known, but this could
further be done by implementing the bpm detection algorithm used in Mixxx,
accessible through a "Detect bpm" button. (Or maybe using the
RythmFerret?). But for starters, let's keep it simple and let the user type
the current bpm manually.

I'd like to try and implement this myself. I'm definitely not an expert,
neither a total beginner, but I have never dealt with a project of this
complexity. But you have to start somewhere, right? I thought this would be
a fairly simple task to begin with.

I have already dug into the code and implemented a few SpinButtons in the
dialog, but am now trying to access the fraction of percentage change from
within *TimeFXDialog()*. As far as I understand it should be accessible
through *request.time_fraction*, however this always returns 0. So I guess
I'm just doing it wrong... Any hint on how to get the value?

Any other comments on my idea?

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