[Ardour-Dev] How to include changes to de.po

Sebastian levi.vibes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 02:24:36 PST 2013

> Hi Sebastian,
Hello Edgar,

On Tue, Jan 08, 2013 at 02:05:14PM +0100, Edgar Aichinger wrote:
> yes please submit to the tracker, or contact me via PM (edogawa AT
> aon.at or edgar.aichinger AT aon.at), or on IRC, #ardour on freenode
Thanks. Will do.

> The thing is, I have just begun translation of libardour about one
> week ago, checked in at a state of ~ 25% translated, and worked more
> on it since. I'm almost through now, a bit more than 10% missing. So
> I'd appreciate to see your changes and merge them myself, before
> commiting again.
> Just in order to reduce duplicate efforts and merge touble, please
> get in touch before starting work, next time :)
I think I've just figured that out there when 'svn up' pulled in
Paul's work which made my efforts redundant :-) I'll look for another
open issue on the tracker (unless you know one which desperately needs
labour?) and get in touch before I start on anything.

> Bye, Edgar
Bye, and thanks again for the help, much appreciated.


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