[Ardour-Dev] Activate/deactivate all tracks plugins feature completed

Lecoq Maxime maxime.lecoq.a at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 9 05:54:51 PST 2013

Hello everyone,

First, happy new year ! It seems this year will be be a good year for us since we succeeded in our first feature development ! Indeed, it is now possible to deactivate and reactivate all tracks plugins via a new item in the Transport? menu (we called it "A/B all tracks plugins", is it good?). The functionnality will only deactivate activated plugins and reactivate only the plugins which were previously deactivated. Perhaps it would be nice to add a gui button to call this function? If so, where would be the right place for it? Also, a new item in the mixer right clic menu might be interesting?

Otherwise, we are wondering if adding the new Transport menu item by hands (in file gtk2_ardour/ardour.menus.in) is the way to do it?

Moreover, we plan to give you our work in a patch. Does that suits to you?

Finally, you said in a previous mail :

    - Why the controller is in the view?

in most GUI programming, the controller and the view get combined. apple have done some work that partially separates them, but its a bit of a wierd hybrid. when the onscreen represenation of model state is the same thing that the user interacts with in order to change the model state, there is a fairly natural tendency to combine the controller and the view. its not necessarily a good tendency, but its what we do (for now).

What do you think about the Model View Presenter pattern? It wouldn't be better adapted to your needs?


Maxime & Loïc.
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