[Ardour-Dev] what linux audio project do you miss?

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Thu Mar 3 12:52:33 PST 2011


oh thats a great question, there is missing so much.. Maybe its better 
to discuss this on the linux-audio-dev or -user Lists?

Since a year im thinking of kind of a virtual midi controller and 
sequencer designed for the use, but not only, with touch and espacially 
multi-touch-screens. Sadly atm the development of multitouch in Linux is 
going to copy all the fanzy but toyish apple-stuff.. BUT imagine what 
this technolagy is capable of in audio production. I've stompled about 
some stuff for the Iphone thats great.. but apple and its policy sucks. 
Would be great to have all the nice linux-audio stuff running on androi 
or linux in general.

Here are just some random example what a touch-interface would be able:



and the mighty lemur JazzMutant:


what is based on linux, but closed so far as i know, and would be 
possible to build on normal hardware for the fraction of the price.. if 
the software is there.

As stated, im working on a concept for a kind of modular Sequencer and 
virt. Midi(or OSC?) controller and will post this soon on linux-audio I 
would be more motivated if there is more interest.

In general linux is missing a lot of stuff for the production of 
electronic music, recording stuff is quite ahead with com. products. Me 
espacially needs a good combination of straight line and loop based 
sequencer (little bit like abbleton?). Atm im working with a  
combination of seq24 and Qtractor (mabe Ardour when midi gets stable). 
But that sucks with latency and workflow..


On 02.03.2011 22:13, Victor wrote:
> Hello, I'm Victor and I'm currently studying computers science in 
> Spain. I'm looking for a topic for my final carreer project (that 
> should start on september 2011 and finish on june 2012),  and it seems 
> like a good excuse to contribute to the linux audio scene. So, what do 
> you miss? let your imagination fly, from plugins(ladspa, lv2, vsti, 
> nyquist...), virtual instruments.. to musical applications (chordata 
> and bizarre things..), etc.
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