[Ardour-Dev] what linux audio project do you miss?

George Vergis g_vergis at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 11:20:14 PST 2011

Would be nice to have a "Music learning/rehearsal  tool" plug-in for a music 
player such as Rhythmbox. Rhythmbox has some plug-ins such as RBPitch, 
but extending this capability and make the interface more accessible while 
playing an instrument would be nice .  I realize some of these features exist in 
isolation, but bouncing around different applications while playing an 
instrument or learning isn't very practical. Some useful features are captured 
below by Thorsten. But, I will summarize the list here so that other can either 
identify existing capbilities or build up on this list

1) Independently variable pitch, tempo, formant shifting
2) Loop on any pre-defined section(s)
3) Jump to section(s) and jump play list.
4) Isolate instruments (Amplify certain instruments, such as lead guitar, 
bass, vocal etc) -- May be a parametric EQ could do the job?
5) Note detection (or approximation) within a key
6) BPM detection or setting and synchronized metronome 
7) Improved key bindings to start/stop/loop/jump 
8) External foot-switch, midi, sound triggered control for hands free controls.
9) Cue-cards : Notes that can pop-up at various sections of a song
10) Song set rehearsal mode with saved settings for each song in the list (Tempo 
offset from original song, pitch shift, song to song delay)


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On 03/02/2011 10:13 PM, Victor wrote:
> So, what do you miss?

An audio playback engine that allows variable speed (including reverse), 
independently variable pitch and tempo, formant shifting.

Should allow gap-less jumping to anywhere in a file or buffer.

Modulation of the amplitude and any other parameter where it makes sense (has an 
interesting audible effect) should be possible in a very wide frequency range.

Should not alter the signal at all, if all parameters are in neutral position.

-- Thorsten Wilms

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