[Ardour-Dev] Some observations about Ardour 2 and 3

Valerio Orlandini valerio.orlandini at gmx.com
Wed Nov 10 09:07:21 PST 2010

Hello, I have some questions about some aspects of Ardour design.

I noticed (on both Ardour 2 and 3) that if I add new tracks and then I close the session without saving it first, the new tracks reappears when I open the session again.

Is it an intentional feature (and if it is the case, I personally find it not very useful) or a bug to be reported?

Another observation, almost unrelated:
In many other DAWs, if I select a region and drag it in an area of the multitrack view where there are no tracks, a new track is automatically created. From my point of view, it is a useful thing that quicken the workflow in some situations.

Best regards
- Valerio
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