[Ardour-Dev] Some issues with 2.8.10

fons at kokkinizita.net fons at kokkinizita.net
Fri Aug 13 06:20:59 PDT 2010

Some issues I bumped into recently (ardour 2.8.10):
(they appear to be 'features, not bugs)

1. Ardour refuses to load (LADSPA) plugins that do not operate
'in place'. I can see the advantage of calling a chain of plugins
all operating on the same buffers - it saves some housekeeping
in the host. But still this IMHO a bad idea. If a plugin can't
naturally work 'in place', the only option is to make copies of
either input or output in the plugin. If OTOH the host provides
separate output buffers when a plugin needs them, this does not
involve an extra copy. Nor does it have to complicate buffer
management in the host: after this plugin it can just go on
to use the new buffer as it would otherwise do with the original
one. If a second plugin in the chain is again not in-place capable,
the host can revert to the original buffer. So this requires at
most a second buffer in the host, with no copies being required.

2. Solo logic.

It seems impossible to have a bus muted as the result of a 
solo on another strip. Again, not muting busses can make
sense in many situations, but making it impossible to have
them muted doesn't. The sane way woul be to create busses
with 'solo-safe' enabled, this will cover the common cases
but the user can still disable the solo-safe and have the
bus muted if that is what is required.

The 'lock-solo' thing seems to provide what is usually 
called 'solo-safe'. But if it is enabled on a strip this
shows up as 'Solo' being active all the time, which is

Solo and groups behave strangely. In many cases using
solo (not in the group) only mutes one member of the
group. In other cases (if the solo is done on a bus)
it mutes all but that single member. What is the logic
of this ?



There are three of them, and Alleline.

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