[Ardour-Dev] bug: exporting TOC in ardour 2.8.7

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Thu Aug 12 06:56:39 PDT 2010


nick mainsbridge wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-08-10 at 09:13 +0200, Giso Grimm wrote:


>> When exporting a session and creating a TOC file, some of the tracks are
>> one CD-frame to short. It seams to appear at most times when the
>> CD-frame is wrapping arround, e.g.:
>> ..
>> FILE "master.wav" 05:44:73  02:05:32
>> START 00:00:00
>> ....
>> FILE "master.wav" 07:50:31  02:33:05
>> START 00:00:00
>> The length of the first mentioned track should be 02:05:33. The markers
>> in ardour are at exactly the same place (end of first region and start
>> of next region), however, they are not snapped to CD-frames. This
>> results in a short click at the beginning of a new track (at least if
>> there is a signal at the transition).
>> I would guess it is a rounding error, but it could also be an off-by-1
>> mistake.
> Hi Giso,
> All PQ information must be specified in CD frames. If you do not snap to
> CD frames when creating these marks then they will be rounded for you,
> which will almost always result in the unexpected.
> So maybe the bug is that the CD marker timeline should always snap to CD
> frames. 
> Fixing this would result in inconsistent behavior between the various
> timeline types.. which might be frustrating for new users.
> Maybe you have a better idea of how this should work?

I don't know. Maybe a script, which on demand can re-arrange all markers
to snap to CD-frames. My workflow is to place the markers by listening,
i.e., when I found a good place a put a marker, without using the mouse
(or if it existed before, than I replace it in the "Locations" dialog by
"Use PH"). This does not really allow "snap to whatever".

A workaround is to write a script which checks consistency of the TOC
file. That is what I did manually; I will look at it.

Since I am not completely sure that this is really a bug I will not file
a bug report in mantis.


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