[Ardour-Dev] bug: exporting TOC in ardour 2.8.7

nick mainsbridge beatroute at iprimus.com.au
Thu Aug 12 06:43:26 PDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-08-10 at 09:13 +0200, Giso Grimm wrote:
> Hi,
> before I file a bug report, please allow me to quickly ask if this is a
> well known bug fixed in later versions:
> When exporting a session and creating a TOC file, some of the tracks are
> one CD-frame to short. It seams to appear at most times when the
> CD-frame is wrapping arround, e.g.:
> ..
> FILE "master.wav" 05:44:73  02:05:32
> START 00:00:00
> ....
> FILE "master.wav" 07:50:31  02:33:05
> START 00:00:00
> The length of the first mentioned track should be 02:05:33. The markers
> in ardour are at exactly the same place (end of first region and start
> of next region), however, they are not snapped to CD-frames. This
> results in a short click at the beginning of a new track (at least if
> there is a signal at the transition).
> I would guess it is a rounding error, but it could also be an off-by-1
> mistake.
> I could not find something related in the bug tracker, but I well might
> have missed it. It is ardour 2.8.7 (with some unrelated local hacks, I
> am in the middle of production and will not update until finished).
> Cheers!
> Giso
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Hi Giso,

All PQ information must be specified in CD frames. If you do not snap to
CD frames when creating these marks then they will be rounded for you,
which will almost always result in the unexpected.

So maybe the bug is that the CD marker timeline should always snap to CD

Fixing this would result in inconsistent behavior between the various
timeline types.. which might be frustrating for new users.

Maybe you have a better idea of how this should work?


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