[Ardour-Dev] Clicking on the canvas

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Apr 26 02:10:04 PDT 2010

Hi Paul,

Towards the end of this week I'm intending to move on to the next bug on my
list of things that don't yet work in the Windows port.  Hopefully this one
won't be too tricky to track down.

When the user left-clicks anywhere on the canvas (i.e. on one of the audio
tracks or one of the rulers) the current cursor time gets displayed in big
yellow digits.  This doesn't work properly in my Windows build (the time
appears but it's always zero).  However, I can't find out which function
gets called in response to the left-click.  I tried guesswork (i.e. placing
breakpoints in a few functions that looked promising) but none of them got
called.  Do you happen to know which function displays the yellow digits (or
even which function starts the process off)?  I can probably trace my way
through to the display function if I can find any of the other functions in
that chain.



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