[Ardour-Dev] Clicking on the canvas

Carl Hetherington lists at carlh.net
Mon Apr 26 03:08:50 PDT 2010

On Mon, 26 Apr 2010, John Emmas wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> Towards the end of this week I'm intending to move on to the next bug on my
> list of things that don't yet work in the Windows port.  Hopefully this one
> won't be too tricky to track down.
> When the user left-clicks anywhere on the canvas (i.e. on one of the audio
> tracks or one of the rulers) the current cursor time gets displayed in big
> yellow digits.  This doesn't work properly in my Windows build (the time
> appears but it's always zero).  However, I can't find out which function
> gets called in response to the left-click.  I tried guesswork (i.e. placing
> breakpoints in a few functions that looked promising) but none of them got
> called.  Do you happen to know which function displays the yellow digits (or
> even which function starts the process off)?  I can probably trace my way
> through to the display function if I can find any of the other functions in
> that chain.

It's shown with Editor::show_verbose_canvas_cursor ().


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