[Ardour-Dev] SuperRapidScreenUpdates are neither rapid, nor super.

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Mar 14 07:02:27 PDT 2009

I'll try to say this again as clearly as I can:

   It is overwhelmingly likely that the behaviour John is seeing (which is
based on using an
   undocumented, unsupported compile-time #ifdef) was "intentionally" broken
when Nick
   changed the way we do canvas scrolling. It is almost certainly nothing to
do with
   video drivers or anything else at the "system level".

When I say "intentionally" I don't mean that Nick was trying to break
"stationary playhead" scrolling - I mean that he knew (and I knew) that he
was fundamentally altering how canvas scrolling works, in ways that would
likely break anything and everything that relied on the old model.

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