[Ardour-Dev] Tranzport Kernel Driver for linux install questions

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Sun Mar 8 01:58:11 PST 2009


finally I managed to compile the ardour driver (by mistake I replaced
the libs/surfaces/tranzport directory, not the
libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport). It seems to work fine. The
responsiveness is much better than with the user space driver.

Is a description of the key mapping available?

(in my first try a few questions arose, but they are probably all
answered if I knew the key bindings and their expected behaviour).


David Taht wrote:
> Giso Grimm escribió:
>> Hi Mike et al,
>> I looked at the issue 2521 for installation of the kernel based
>> tranzport driver. I had no problems to compile the kernel driver, and
>> test worked perfectly. However, I am confused how to compile the ardour
>> driver. Do I have to replace the "libs/surfaces/tranzport" folder of
>> ardour by the folder by the "tranzport" folder in your git reository
>> "git clone git://git.teklibre.com/home/d/src/git/frontier", and than
>> recompile ardour?
> No, at present, you patch SConstruct with SConstruct.patch from that bug
> report and
> In your ardour tree,
> mv libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport.old
> ln -s wherever_your_git_tree_is/tranzport \ libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport
> sudo scons KERNELTRANZPORT=1 install
> I am hot on the trail of making the tranzport driver feature complete at
> the moment, more stuff going in this afternoon (it's 8:30 AM my time)
> please do a git pull early and often.
>> -- Giso
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