[Ardour-Dev] Tranzport Kernel Driver for linux install questions

David Taht d at teklibre.com
Sun Mar 8 03:51:48 PDT 2009

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Giso Grimm escribió:
> Hi,
> finally I managed to compile the ardour driver (by mistake I replaced
> the libs/surfaces/tranzport directory, not the
> libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport). It seems to work fine. The
> responsiveness is much better than with the user space driver.

Spin that shuttle wheel all you want.

> Is a description of the key mapping available?

I should sit down and do that, or (preferably) recruit someone to update
the documentation.

The best place to get that information right now is in button_events.cc.
The code is often quite straightforward, for example:

TranzportControlProtocol::button_event_next_press (bool shifted)
	if (shifted) {
		next_wheel_mode ();
	} else {
		next_marker_any ();

Keep doing those git pulls, I have been making changes all the way up to
an hour or so ago. See the git log for details

> (in my first try a few questions arose, but they are probably all
> answered if I knew the key bindings and their expected behaviour).

There are a few mostly correct documents on the web.

The biggest differences I can think of right now from those are are:

1) the tranzport defaults to "slave mode" where the shuttle is slaved to
the grid mode on the screen - moving by bars shuttles by bars, moving by
beats or samples, etc.

2) The meaning of shifted-in, shifted-out, and shifted-add and
shifted-next has changed from whatever is documented on the web.

3) There are now means to set loops and punch in ranges. Hitting loop
enables loop mode, which redefines play, shift-rewind, and shift-ffwd to
"do the sane thing".

Holding down loop and then ADD, will put the loop start at the current
play head location. Shift->loop->add, puts the loop end there.

Same mostly applies to punch mode, although I have not modified the
meanings of shift-rewind or shift-ffwd

I'm still not satisfied with scrub mode...

> Giso
> David Taht wrote:
>> Giso Grimm escribió:
>>> Hi Mike et al,
>>> I looked at the issue 2521 for installation of the kernel based
>>> tranzport driver. I had no problems to compile the kernel driver, and
>>> test worked perfectly. However, I am confused how to compile the ardour
>>> driver. Do I have to replace the "libs/surfaces/tranzport" folder of
>>> ardour by the folder by the "tranzport" folder in your git reository
>>> "git clone git://git.teklibre.com/home/d/src/git/frontier", and than
>>> recompile ardour?
>> No, at present, you patch SConstruct with SConstruct.patch from that bug
>> report and
>> In your ardour tree,
>> mv libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport.old
>> ln -s wherever_your_git_tree_is/tranzport \ libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport
>> sudo scons KERNELTRANZPORT=1 install
>> I am hot on the trail of making the tranzport driver feature complete at
>> the moment, more stuff going in this afternoon (it's 8:30 AM my time)
>> please do a git pull early and often.
>>> -- Giso
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