[Ardour-Dev] Tranzport Kernel Driver for linux

David Taht d at teklibre.com
Sat Mar 7 21:23:31 PST 2009

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Giso Grimm escribió:
> Thanks, I will give it a try tonight (Europe).
> Are you working to make it ready for 2.8? If you need any votes (and
> user reports) I will be happy to do so.

I hope to make 2.8, yes. I did get a little sidetracked today in adding
some features I've wanted to have as well as killing off some persistent

Rapid progress is being tracked on the bug tracker


and the git tree.

> -- Giso
> David Taht wrote:
>> Giso Grimm escribió:
>>> Hi Mike et al,
>>> I looked at the issue 2521 for installation of the kernel based
>>> tranzport driver. I had no problems to compile the kernel driver, and
>>> test worked perfectly. However, I am confused how to compile the ardour
>>> driver. Do I have to replace the "libs/surfaces/tranzport" folder of
>>> ardour by the folder by the "tranzport" folder in your git reository
>>> "git clone git://git.teklibre.com/home/d/src/git/frontier", and than
>>> recompile ardour?
>> No, at present, you patch SConstruct with SConstruct.patch from that bug
>> report and
>> In your ardour tree,
>> mv libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport.old
>> ln -s wherever_your_git_tree_is/tranzport \ libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport
>> sudo scons KERNELTRANZPORT=1 install
>> I am hot on the trail of making the tranzport driver feature complete at
>> the moment, more stuff going in this afternoon (it's 8:30 AM my time)
>> please do a git pull early and often.

>>> -- Giso
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