[Ardour-Dev] CD Marker Export in 2.8

Edgar Aichinger edogawa at aon.at
Sun Jun 28 03:33:47 PDT 2009

Am Dienstag 09 Juni 2009 schrieb Andreas Ruge:
> Hi Sakari,
> thanks for the comments.  I've read your blog about the new export
> dialog and parts of the code.  Great work!  If help is needed for
> the 3.0 CD export I'm happy to do what I can, my C++ is probably not
> strong enough for the GUI stuff and some of the more advanced
> features, but I've been doing a lot of PQ mastering as part of may
> day job (using all kinds of commercial DAWs).  Anyway, I guess I'll
> start a thread soon about 3.0 then.
> Since there are no other comments, I'm just attaching the patch as
> it is.  Let's see what Paul thinks.

This patch got applied recently, however I ran into slight trouble with it
(using .toc marker files): Andreas' patch determines its .toc filename by 
stripping the exported audio file name with Glib::path_get_basename(), and 
then uses the stripped name for the FILE reference inside the .toc, leading 
to something like:

FILE "export" 00:00:00 00:07:59

while there should be the proper audio file extension added, e.g. export.wav.

Here's my proposal to fix this, as unified diff against export_dialog.cc from 
current svn.

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