[Ardour-Dev] CD Marker Export in 2.8

Andreas Ruge andreas.ruge at gmx.de
Tue Jun 9 14:47:14 PDT 2009

Hi Sakari,

thanks for the comments.  I've read your blog about the new export
dialog and parts of the code.  Great work!  If help is needed for
the 3.0 CD export I'm happy to do what I can, my C++ is probably not
strong enough for the GUI stuff and some of the more advanced
features, but I've been doing a lot of PQ mastering as part of may
day job (using all kinds of commercial DAWs).  Anyway, I guess I'll
start a thread soon about 3.0 then.

Since there are no other comments, I'm just attaching the patch as
it is.  Let's see what Paul thinks.

Changes are:
    * TOC and cue sheets use FILE references without full path
    * names are now: example.wav + example.cue/.toc
    * cue sheets do not have to indices at the same position anymore
    * cue sheets are indented now for better readability
    * cue sheets now more often include correct file type info
    * some even smaller fixes
The basic algorithm is untouched.

> These bugs are probably not present in 3.0, but I'd still be
> interested in hearing what they are
I haven't checked actually, but the last two sections of the
attached patch is what I was referring to.


P.S.: Sakari, you are in Helsinki?  Great town!  I wish I would
record there more often...

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