[Ardour-Dev] last call for 2.8.1

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 03:29:10 PDT 2009

Sorry, I didn't write a bug report for the 14 bit controllers neither. :-/
I wanted to try it first with a hardware controller, but the Berhinger 
doesn't work. I'll try to check it again this afternoon....

Best regards,

El 06/10/2009 12:08 AM, Axel Müller escribió:
> Am Tue, 09 Jun 2009 16:56:54 -0400 schrieb Paul Davis:
>> Its time to get a 2.8.1 release out in the world. If you have any
>> patches, translations, or know of any at tracker.ardour.org, that should
>> be included, please send them to this list ASAP. if you know of any
>> important but likely simple bugs that you think should be fixed for
>> 2.8.1, please send a message about them to this list.
>> --p
> Arf! Sorry...
> I mentioned it several days ago on IRC, but missed to write a bug report.
> I had noticed a regression in 2.0-ongoing where the marker bars, canvas 
> and playhead get kind of out of sync with the timeline, wich didn't 
> appear (or at least not as much) in 2.8. This also causes, that you can't 
> move a region to the very start of the project, especially when snapmode 
> is set i.e. to bars or beats. The latter does also appear in a slight 
> form in 2.8, but seems to be worked around by moving the region back and 
> forth one more time (at least in most cases I tried).
> This happens when zooming fully in horizontally (I used the mousewheel on 
> the black timecode bars) and then pressing the 'zoom to session' button 
> on the bottom left.
> Here is a screenshot showing that markers and playhead at the beginning 
> of the project seem to be moved a little before the start of the timeline 
> and though almost disappear: http://cla.homeunix.net/ardour/canvas-out-of-
> sync1.png
> ...and even more - the first beat on the canvas apparently looks 
> "shortened": http://cla.homeunix.net/ardour/canvas-out-of-sync2.png
> I'm not sure how big the impact of this regression is, but it might be 
> worth doing some more tests and maybe fix it before the release of 2.8.1.
> Sorry again for the late report. -.-
> Axel - 'the C.L.A.'
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