[Ardour-Dev] last call for 2.8.1

Axel Müller axel-mueller-74 at web.de
Tue Jun 9 15:08:01 PDT 2009

Am Tue, 09 Jun 2009 16:56:54 -0400 schrieb Paul Davis:

> Its time to get a 2.8.1 release out in the world. If you have any
> patches, translations, or know of any at tracker.ardour.org, that should
> be included, please send them to this list ASAP. if you know of any
> important but likely simple bugs that you think should be fixed for
> 2.8.1, please send a message about them to this list.
> --p

Arf! Sorry...

I mentioned it several days ago on IRC, but missed to write a bug report.

I had noticed a regression in 2.0-ongoing where the marker bars, canvas 
and playhead get kind of out of sync with the timeline, wich didn't 
appear (or at least not as much) in 2.8. This also causes, that you can't 
move a region to the very start of the project, especially when snapmode 
is set i.e. to bars or beats. The latter does also appear in a slight 
form in 2.8, but seems to be worked around by moving the region back and 
forth one more time (at least in most cases I tried).

This happens when zooming fully in horizontally (I used the mousewheel on 
the black timecode bars) and then pressing the 'zoom to session' button 
on the bottom left.

Here is a screenshot showing that markers and playhead at the beginning 
of the project seem to be moved a little before the start of the timeline 
and though almost disappear: http://cla.homeunix.net/ardour/canvas-out-of-
...and even more - the first beat on the canvas apparently looks 
"shortened": http://cla.homeunix.net/ardour/canvas-out-of-sync2.png

I'm not sure how big the impact of this regression is, but it might be 
worth doing some more tests and maybe fix it before the release of 2.8.1.

Sorry again for the late report. -.-

Axel - 'the C.L.A.'

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