[Ardour-Dev] last call for 2.8.1

Axel Müller axel-mueller-74 at web.de
Wed Jun 10 16:05:00 PDT 2009

Am Tue, 09 Jun 2009 22:08:01 +0000 schrieb Axel Müller:

> I had noticed a regression in 2.0-ongoing where the marker bars, canvas
> and playhead get kind of out of sync with the timeline, wich didn't
> appear (or at least not as much) in 2.8. This also causes, that you
> can't move a region to the very start of the project, especially when
> snapmode is set i.e. to bars or beats. The latter does also appear in a
> slight form in 2.8, but seems to be worked around by moving the region
> back and forth one more time (at least in most cases I tried).

Ah, I see this now has been fixed in SVN, exept for the problem with
dragging of regions to the beginning when in snapmode. But as it's now the
same behaviour as in 2.8 again it's at least not a regression and IMHO not
such a serious bug wich in any case would have to be fixed for 2.8.1.

Another thing I now have noticed is that in 2.0-ongoing you can
horizontally zoom in 2 more steps than in 2.8. Problem with this is that
the second higest zoom level shows a different portion of the waveform -
in my testcase the waveform display is shiftet about 7 milliseconds early.
Not a serious problem, but it might be worth looking at it before 2.8.1.

If you don't plan to fix those 2 little issues for 2.8.1 I would put
corresponding reports into mantis.

Axel - 'the C.L.A.'

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