[Ardour-Dev] Ardour CD's [was: Re: funding priorities]

Gian Perrone gian at expdev.net
Tue Jan 20 13:05:49 PST 2009

Sean Corbett wrote:
> That seems reasonable.  It will probably be done by the end of
> February.  Specifically what should the licensing be for the track?
> And because IANAL, what would the implications for the band be?  They
> would still be able to sell the song through the regular channels,
> correct?  Also, I would it perhaps be desirable to post the original
> session somewhere for prospective users to check out?
Inclusion on "compilation CDs" and such is a pretty standard thing.  It 
doesn't limit the band's options - they are just granting a 
non-exclusive royalty-free license for that song in perpetuity to the 
person/organisation that is making the compilation.  A simple agreement 
of about 25 words or less signed by the copyright holder should be 
sufficient (or it always has been in the past when we've had stuff 
included on compilations).

With that in mind, I would definitely be interested in contributing a 
track if there is interest in this idea going forward (we've done an EP 
and an album using Ardour).  It seems like it could be advantageous to 
both the project and the bands involved - the bands get a little bit of 
exposure (hopefully through some sort of coverage of the release in 
Linux/Free software blogs and media), and Ardour is shown to be a 
capable real-world DAW that is being used to produce quality recordings, 
hopefully while turning a bit of profit for the project at the same time!


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