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I can man a trade booth at USITT, SETC, or other shows in the theater
world.  My problem is affording to go to them, much less setting up an
exhibit.  At the moment I think I will be going to USITT, and probably only
USITT, primarily to get myself some work for after the summer over here.  I
can't speak for anything in the Fall yet though, and USITT is in March, not
leaving much time to be prepared.


On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 12:22 AM, Patrick Shirkey <
pshirkey at boosthardware.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Here's a few items that relate to each other with regards to major level
> funding:
> 1: Grants
> 10: Glossy brochure for trade shows
> 11: Advertising in industry magazines
> 12: Celebrity endorsement
> 13: Approaching State run media companies with Ardour as a industry grade
> product.
> 14: Funding from a well resourced Patron
> 15: Funding from a Company in the entertainment/media business
> I think a lot of the work required to accomplish any of the above is quite
> similar. The main things that need to be done are: creating documentation,
> getting a meeting/booth and pitching the concept to get the client on board.
> Jorn has offered to compile a glossy brochure. We also need to get some
> press releases together. Is there anyone who is available to start writing a
> press release? I will be happy to assist and will even write it myself if no
> one else has some time and energy to contribute.
> We will also need to get contact details for the companies and clients we
> want to pitch to and the publications we want to send the press release to.
> Please start thinking of the places we need to contact so we can create a
> publicity/contact list for releases.
> I think we will need a couple of different angles for the press release and
> brochure so that we don't isolate the product to a specific niche.
> We will need volunteers who can make presentations in their area when we
> get clients interested in seeing the presentation. So if you are interested
> in doing a presentation please let us know.
> If you have time to man a booth at a trade show in your area also let us
> know. Make sure you keep an eye out for the coming events and let us know
> about them so we can prepare all the documentation in advance. At least 2
> weeks notice will be enough once we have the fundamentals in place but 6
> weeks is best otherwise we will be rushing to get things done.
> Cheers.
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> Patrick Shirkey
> Boost Hardware Ltd.
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