[Ardour-Dev] funding priorities

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Mon Jan 19 08:36:39 PST 2009

schoappied wrote:
> Florian Faber wrote:
>> Not a good idea. GPL is GPL stays GPL.
> The makers of the software having the right to release their software 
> with the license they want...

You are missing the whole point.  It is clear that you spent too much 
time selling software.  GPL is not something that is switched on and off 
at will.  It is all about freedom of speech.  It is about working 
together towards a common goal.  Should we pay royalties to people that 
contributed code in the past?

If you want Closed source software, there are many very good quality 
applications out there...  But none of them are Ardour. 

I like Florian's ideas.


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