[Ardour-Dev] Thanks: Alsa works, Ardour/Jack fails

mazarick at bellsouth.net mazarick at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 13 07:01:52 PST 2009

(sorry about using this lame webmail browser to compose this.

Paul Davis wrote:
> Aplay seems to work fine.  Of course, I don't have an 'ardour equivalent' so
> that I can determine if it is the driver or alsa/jack.

:use any jack app (even something as trivial as jack_metro). use qjackctl
:to connect its output to each channel in turn. this will narrow down
:where the error is.

Excellent suggestion Paul... will try it.   Have just discovered that selecting 
48000 or 44100 seems to impact the problem (no prob at 44100)

> Since Jack/Ardour works with RME and other cards, I'm thinking driver, but
> it would help if it was confirmed that it also worked with other sync'd
> cards like several Delta 1010s in a system.

:this has been confirmed. i think the max count so far is 5 delta 1010's.

Terrific!!   The concept works somewhere.

> That's what I get for trying to 'kill two birds with one stone', providing
> QC on a driver by 'stress testing' it's limits and working up a new
> application.

:actually, this is a little unfair as a "stress test". most drivers are
:not written with the idea of syncing multiple instances of the h/w. it
:just so happens that it works.

Its hard to be 'unfair' to software.   It just doesn't seem to care
one way or the other.

:if you're seriously interested in "pro-level" stuff, you wouldn't choose
:multiple devices like this. get yourself the right hardware and save
:yourself a lot of hassle, now and into the future.

A very rational suggestion.   However, please be aware than anyone debugging,
developing a driver or otherwise messing with hardware from a company that 
went under over 8 years ago isn't likely to be very rational about why 
they are doing it.   It's similar to a quest to get 192khz out of an Amiga or
install democracy in Iraq.

see also:

This is actually a great read.  In particular, it points out some things that you
absolutely have to do in order to be successful commercially (mainly, look the
part, say the right things, and leave a good impression).

My observation:
Music and money are similar to sex and money.
All the elements are there, but all of the fun has been taken out of it.

The harder you try to make money while having fun, the less of both you will get.

-Mike Mazarick

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