[Ardour-Dev] Overzealous french translation!

Raphaël Doursenaud rdoursenaud at free.fr
Sat Aug 8 16:14:24 PDT 2009

Le samedi 08 août 2009 à 15:46 -0700, Er a écrit :
> The french translators decided to change some terms like "input/output" into their french equivalent....
> Basically it wasn't a bad idea
> All the sessions I did BEFORE the translation becomes unusable! Ie : my sessions seek "input" and they find "Entrée"...
> Moreover, those english terms are more often used than their french equivalents (such as master... "général" sounds sooo weird)
> Thanks to all translators! Be carefull with some words it might be dangerous to translate 'em!
> Cheers!
> Etienne

I think I'm the one to blame here!

Sorry if it caused you trouble but I prefer to translate/adapt every

I can come up with a simple script to transform your sessions if you
need such a tool but the best way to fix this would be either not to
permit translating these strings in the code or preferably, to store the
sessions with the english/generic wording. You might want to fill a bug
about this issue.

On a side note, "général" might sound weird but that's the way I'm used
to call a master in French ; if you can come up with something better
I'd be glad to see it!


Raphaël Doursenaud
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