[Ardour-Dev] waveform display for master track

John Rigg arddev at sound-man.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 02:32:40 PST 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 01:14:49PM +0700, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Currently the track will be printed in 32bit and that can fill up space 
> on the drive. Also you have to specifically record the sections you want 
> to look at which takes time.

I think for most Ardour users the extra disk space used will have a 
trivial impact compared with the extra processing overhead to convert 
it to another format. Seriously, how much does a large hard disk cost 
these days? In a large multitrack session with a high plugin count, 
even a slight increase in CPU load can break things.

Given the invasive nature of the changes required to implement this,
wouldn't it be a lot more efficient just to write a new application
specifically for making DJ mixes? (I'd actually be a little surprised
if someone isn't already doing this).


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