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> I agree - it depends on the term. This demonstrates that different levels
> of using the English terms are required for different languages. In Norway
> as in Spain, everybody knows what "track" is, but we would both write and
> say "spor", simply because it is the Norwegian word for it. Therefore,
> "spor" is what I use in Ardour, and I guess "pista" would be used in the
> Spanish translation. But again, "loop" is heard in Norwegian as well.

In Dutch we use the words "spoor" en "kanaal" for "track". I chose to use
"kanaal" for now.

> Maybe it could be useful with some elaboration on what "the Ardour way of
> thinking" is here - I don't suppose we want all translators to use the
> untranslated technical terms?

I think that strongly depends on the language. E.g. in South-Africa they
make up words for almost everything ;-)

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