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Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Thu Jul 10 00:21:33 PDT 2008


> You've raised a large number of issues there.  In my experience, the
> mastered multitrack (probably now in stereo) would normally be passed
> to the video editor who would re-sync it (as best he could - given
> that video NLE's can only work in whole numbers of frames). 

Frame accuracy is fine for ear-eye-synchronicity. We normally layer all 
the timecode-coupled HD video tracks, the live cut and an audio rough 
cut (FOH or quick'n'dirty mix down) into the NLE's timeline, aligned by 
the original timecode. So for each point in time we have the same 
(realtime) timecode and don't have to worry about anything. 

> Either way, the timecode in the finished video would bear no
> resemblence to tthe original recorded timecode. 

Sure, the final video has it's own timecode. I only need the original 
timecode for the first alignment (directly after logging the data) and 
as a basis for calculating the offsets after the mastered clips return.

Anyway, since I seem to have a very rare need here, I think I'll just go 
and write a WAV->BWF converter which can decode the timecode channel 
and add it as metadata to the BWF. Seems to be the most practical 

Thanks for your input :)

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