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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Thu Jul 10 06:51:01 PDT 2008

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John Emmas wrote:

>> [..]
> Another feature that's common on the top-end DAW's is the ability to have a
> 'default' edit for a recorded clip (commonly used so that when you spot a
> clip, it always starts and ends at a known place within the audio).  I'm
> pretty certain this isn't yet available with Ardour but it's immensely
> useful, both for music use and sound-for-picture.

This is a feature I've been missing in ardour for quite a while. yet an
easy workaround is to batch search&replace "<Region [^>]* name=XX [^>]*
position=" in the .ardour session file.. ;)

> The ability to select a range of timeline clips and offset them very
> precisely (i.e. by typing in an offset or a new start time) is also quite
> common in sound-for-picture use.

should we make a feature request out of these:
  * popup-dialog to edit start/end/duration time of a region
    (calc shift,offset to/from clip, reset region to clip-values)
  * move region to default position on right-click-menu
  * insert clip as new track using default position
  * popup-dialog to set/edit the default position for a clip/source.

ardour meta-data has always been some kind of pandora's box, Could you
guys comment on the use-cases and user-interaction before we ask to add

The default clip-position could come from an audio-file header or when
recording audio from jack-transport..

> The bottom line is that I feel there must be better ways of solving your
> problem, rather than implementing a timecode track.

sorry I've cut most of the original thread.. see there.

This will only solve the user-part. ardour still needs to know the
/default/ timestamp. nowadays most pro-equipment digitizes LTC early
using hardware converters under the hood.  Modern audio-formats have
more practical means to exchange time-stamp/timecode information than LTC.

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