[Ardour-Dev] Loud crackling noise caused by plugins

Dominic Sacré dominic.sacre at gmx.de
Sun Jul 6 16:14:41 PDT 2008


I'm working on a project with about 20 tracks, each using various LADSPA 
plugins. On some tracks, I'm getting a short but loud noise, that seems to 
be caused by some of the plugins (so far I've identified TAP EQ, TAP 
Reverb, CMT Echo Delay Line, I'm sure there are others).

The weird thing is that this always happens at the same position in the 
project, and it happens on all of the tracks at once.

The content of the tracks doesn't seem to matter, even an empty track will 
exhibit this problem, if it uses one of the plugins mentioned above.

Any idea what could be causing this?



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