[Ardour-Dev] Loud crackling noise caused by plugins

Raphaël Doursenaud rdoursenaud at free.fr
Mon Jul 7 09:27:02 PDT 2008

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Dominic Sacré a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm working on a project with about 20 tracks, each using various LADSPA 
> plugins. On some tracks, I'm getting a short but loud noise, that seems to 
> be caused by some of the plugins (so far I've identified TAP EQ, TAP 
> Reverb, CMT Echo Delay Line, I'm sure there are others).
> The weird thing is that this always happens at the same position in the 
> project, and it happens on all of the tracks at once.
> The content of the tracks doesn't seem to matter, even an empty track will 
> exhibit this problem, if it uses one of the plugins mentioned above.
> Any idea what could be causing this?
> Thanks,
> Dominic
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I've also experienced this problem on some projects but haven't been
able to find the cause. The only way I've found to set it clean is to
remove *all* the plugins.

I think we need to fill a bug report. I don't have the time right now
but I'll put this on my todo list!

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