[Ardour-Dev] DDP Mastering

Andreas Ruge andreas.ruge at gmx.de
Mon Jul 28 10:49:10 PDT 2008

Hi Nick and others,

I've in the recent weeks put some code together which could be used
for DDP creation (CD audio only), it only writes DDP filesets on
hard disk (as that's what I'm doing nowadays in real live).  About
the programming interface I'm a bit indecisive, so if anybody would
like to put in comments, you can see the C header file at

Now in order to see if or how this can fit into Ardour, would
someone mind, pointing me to the specific code that's at the moment
handling the cue sheet export?  I have to admit I'm still a bit lost
in Ardour's source code.

> Hi, I have it more or less working.. probably less than more though.
> I managed to work out the spec (I think). I used the source of the
> dvdtape project along with some example folders
That's interesting, I didn't know about that project, will have to
check that out.

> Lack of time is my blocker,
That I completely understand. :)

> Let me know if you think you can legally do anything,
I've called them, and it didn't seem to be so much of a problem, but
I haven't spoken to the right person yet. We'll see...


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