[Ardour-Dev] [64studio-devel] Ardour 2.3 problems

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Thu Feb 21 02:20:39 PST 2008

Daniel James wrote:
> Hi Quentin,
>> When using <Ctrl><Shift>E to select all regions after the editing 
>> point, it works well during the edit, but ardour crashes when trying 
>> to save your work after using the feature.
> I've tried to reproduce this specific crash, but I can't when using a 
> simple session created in Ardour 2.2. I couldn't reproduce it with an 
> older, more complex session either.
> If you can still reproduce this problem, could you post that specific 
> session online so that we can try it?

I'm going to reinstall my system now.  I had to complete a recording 
project, and as of Yesterday 20:00 the master is in the can...

It helps if you compare apples with apples, and a lot of testing has 
happened on my system since the last install.  Time to rectify that.


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