[Ardour-Dev] [64studio-devel] Ardour 2.3 problems

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Thu Feb 21 11:04:09 PST 2008

Quentin Harley wrote:
> Daniel James wrote:
>> If you can still reproduce this problem, could you post that specific 
>> session online so that we can try it?
> I'm going to reinstall my system now.  I had to complete a recording 
> project, and as of Yesterday 20:00 the master is in the can...

The session is a neat 15.6 gig... Will take me approximately 5 months to 
upload if I donate all my bandwith to it. ;-)

That might be part of the problem, but I don't see why it should.  The 
data lies dormanr on the drive, when you move stuff on the timeline, it 
only moves the references to the data, is it not?

Well, I went back to pure 64studio 2.1pre9, and the problem still 
occurs.  To me it feels that ardour runs into some kind of limit 
powerwise, and then just gives up.  The last crash came while editing 
the length of the silences between the pieces of music in my CD 
project.  I went to the end of the first song, hit <Ctrl><Shift>E and 
moved the rest back.  Then to the end of the second song, and did the same.

By the 4th move, ardour slowed down severly, and then stopped. I waited 
for 5minutes, the screen went white, and then ardour disappeared without 
even an error message.

When I reloaded the session, I did it in the terminal, and got this 
warning a few times:

(ardour-2.3:17835): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value "nan" of type 
`gdouble' is in valid or out of range for property `y1' of type `gdouble'

The above warning also comes every time I perform a zoom change, using 
my mouse wheel with <Ctrl>

The only way to get out of the hanging state the second time, I pressed 
<ALT><CTRL><Del>, and the only comment on the command line was:


Ardour surely should be able to perform this task.

My project consists of three 3hr recording sessions, 4ch 24bit 44100Hz.
It is arranged in 12 tracks, allowing me to have different fader and pan 
settings for each session to match the output.
The final CD length is around 65 minutes

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