[Ardour-Dev] Crossfade code overlap 2.x and 3.0

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Sun Dec 14 07:34:20 PST 2008

Here are more observations:

When layer model is "more recently moved is higher" and I move the first
region, I hear a click at the end of the crossfade. If I move the second
region, then I have to move the first region twice to make the click

The click has the amplitude of the last sample from the first region,
and is at that position.

Whenever a click is audible, the function _in->read_at() in
Crossfade::read_at() returns one value less than _out->read_at() just
one line before. The length of the crossfade is always the larger number
(i.e. the return value of _out->read_at()).

The last values of "crossfade_buffer_in" and "corssfade_buffer_out" seem
to be correct, though, and also the mixed values stored in "buf".

Question 1:
Does the playlist somehow know that only N-1 values have been read from
the fade in region, and will not use more than N-1 values for the
crossfade, but still starts the second region (I mean that part of the
later region which lies after the end of the crossfade) only N samples
after begin of crossfade?

Question 2:
Why does _in->read_at only return N-1 values, even if the region has
more samples?

I think the answer to question 2 could solve the bug, while the answer
to question 1 would help me understand the code and could provide a

(its all 2.7.1)


Giso Grimm wrote:
> Paul Davis wrote:
>> On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 22:08 +0100, Giso Grimm wrote:
>>> How much overlap is in the crossfade code between 2.x and 3.0? I would
>>> like to start debugging a crossfade bug (#1737), but maybe it is not
>>> worth doing so if the code is almost outdated...
>> its a bit different, for sure. first make absolutely sure the bug is
>> still there, because there was a definite bug that i fixed for 2.7.1
>> that affected the very final sample of a crossfade.
> It is still there, 2.7.1, rev 4296. I am (was) almost sure it is an
> off-by-one bug in crossfade.cc, but the strange thing is that the click
> disappears when I manually change the layering. The setting "Most
> recently moved is higher" is selected, and if I move the first region to
> make it higher again than the click is again there. Even is it was the
> higher layer anyway before, by raising it manually to top layer.
> I will have a deeper look at it, and will report if I find out more.
> Giso
>> otherwise, the math is similar/identical, but the code has changed
>> around.
>> in addition, i am still merging the 2.X changes from rev 3890-4299 into
>> 3.0, so actually working on this would probably be premature.
>> --p
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