[Ardour-Dev] .pot files and finished translations

Eivind meinmycell-lists at yahoo.no
Fri Dec 12 07:22:06 PST 2008


I was told to do 

scons potupdate

to create template files for translating Ardour. This command produces as many as seven .pot files. 

I have a few questions about working with these files. Please excuse if these seem newbie-ish, but other translators may want to know this too.

1. Where in the source tree do I place the finished .po files? In the directory where the .pot files are found, or other places? For some subdirectories, "po" folders already exists. Should new po folders be created where they don'ẗ exist in beforehand?
2. Are there any naming conventions? Eg. ardour_mackie.pot exists. Should the finished file be ardour_mackie_nn_NO.po or something else?
3. I don't have svn write access, and I see no reason why a mere translator should have so. If I ever finish my translation, what is the most convenient way to submit the files?

Please correct me if I misunderstand basic things here.

Thanks for all your work,

Eivind Ødegård

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