[Ardour-Dev] new crossfade editor preset icons

Markus Schwarzenberg schwarzb at ipms.fraunhofer.de
Sat Dec 13 05:54:53 PST 2008

here is a proposal for a new set of icons for the crossfade-editor preset
buttons. For a preview, see the screenshot. The master svg
file and a patch for gtk2_ardour/crossfade_edit.cc are included,

Some notes:
- I tried to make the icons better distinguishable and more
  similar to the curves they are representing

- One old preset which is not in ardour 2.7 (but exists in older
  versions) is resuscitated in the patch and icon set.
  It's similar to the new "Constant Power" curve, so the latter
  got added a "C" in it's icon.
  I thought it might be useful to have the old preset back since
  some users might miss it (at least i did)

- The ordering of the lower four preset buttons (only visible in
  non-SAE-Mode) is rearranged to get constant level (not power)
  during the crossfade when preset buttons at the same
  button positions for fade in and fade out are hit:

  fade out               fade in

  [x] [ ]                [x] [ ]
  [ ] [ ]                [ ] [ ]

  The ordering goes from the longest down to the shortest
  fade out.

- I'm not quite sure about the best naming for the non-SAE
  preset buttons (visible for the user only in the tooltips).
  I've chosen the names of the fade in presets also for the
  corresponding (in sense of constant level) fade out presets.

- Hints for the export of the icons are inside the svg file.

I'd be happy about inclusions of these icons or criticism for
improving them.

OH, sorry, i noticed the "2.7.1 is now feature-frozen" message just now.
I'm sending this anyway. I'll have a look into the 3.0 branch later.

Markus Schwarzenberg

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