[Ardour-Dev] Crossfade code overlap 2.x and 3.0

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Fri Dec 12 00:46:31 PST 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 22:08 +0100, Giso Grimm wrote:
>> How much overlap is in the crossfade code between 2.x and 3.0? I would
>> like to start debugging a crossfade bug (#1737), but maybe it is not
>> worth doing so if the code is almost outdated...
> its a bit different, for sure. first make absolutely sure the bug is
> still there, because there was a definite bug that i fixed for 2.7.1
> that affected the very final sample of a crossfade.

It is still there, 2.7.1, rev 4296. I am (was) almost sure it is an
off-by-one bug in crossfade.cc, but the strange thing is that the click
disappears when I manually change the layering. The setting "Most
recently moved is higher" is selected, and if I move the first region to
make it higher again than the click is again there. Even is it was the
higher layer anyway before, by raising it manually to top layer.

I will have a deeper look at it, and will report if I find out more.


> otherwise, the math is similar/identical, but the code has changed
> around.
> in addition, i am still merging the 2.X changes from rev 3890-4299 into
> 3.0, so actually working on this would probably be premature.
> --p

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